John Plymale contacted me earlier this year to put some organ down on “Hot Corner” and “Graveyard Bossa” on The Drowning Lovers new CD “Chatham Mills”.  The band features John Gillespie, with whom I played shows at the Skylight Exchange back in the 90s.  Also included are NC jazz greats Ray Codrington and Robert Griffin (who was my piano teacher in High School and an all-around hilarious guy).

I’ve been really enjoying listening to the album, and I had a great time working with John again.  Its is rare that I get to be spooky on the organ,  and this is quite a shame because the organ does spooky so well!

Check them out!


This is a site I’m setting up to let folks know about my musical activities in NC and beyond.

August has been an exciting month that started with the recording of a live CD with one of my bands, “Peter Lamb And The Wolves”.  It was recorded by Dave Tilley at Marsh Woodwinds on the 1st, and the rough cuts sound great!  Thanks, Dave!  We’re going to mix it and press it up on Vinyl and CD over the next few months.

I am also setting up a piano studio at Ben Palmer’s teaching space next to Siren’s Lounge in Durham.  Ben and one of his gracious students helped me move in my 64-key Melodigrand Piano up about 15 stairs!  The studio has multiple keyboards and a nice window overlooking the street.  Its a great location and I’m looking forward to doing some teaching there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Mark